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Large holiday villa in Le Château d'Olonne

Would you like to have an unforgettable holiday in fantastic Château-d'Olonne, and are you still looking for a suitable place to stay? Would you like to stay in a high-quality holiday home or holiday flat, where you can enjoy some special luxury at an affordable price? 

We are delighted to introduce you to some of the features of our large holiday villa in the holiday park at Les Jardins du Château d'Olonne.

Villa for rent

We were very fortunate in our recent purchase of one of the loveliest houses in the whole park. This was exactly the home that we had wanted, because it is in such a peaceful and sunny spot on the edge of the park, and it has an especially attractive garden. The house itself is modern, with electric shutters, underfloor heating and two bathrooms. 

We are the Krebs family from Germany. Papa Ralf, Mama Gabi and our 3 daughters Franziska, Carolin und Juliane. We all live in the southern part of Germany in a little village near the famous town of Heidelberg. 

shows holiday villa in France by the Atlantic coast
Our lovely holiday villa
Shows the shops in Sables
Beautiful little town nearby
Shows the beach at Tanchet
Enjoy an unforgettable summer holiday

Les Jardins du Château d'Olonne in France

Five years ago, we had our first holiday in the Park Les Jardins du Château d'Olonne, and we have returned to this place every year since then. The gorgeous, well-tended park, and the homes in it are all comfortable, elegant and well-equipped, so that you can always have a wonderfully relaxing time here.  

You can have a quick, early morning swim for 10 minutes in the heated swimming pool, and then enjoy a breakfast of delicious coffee and croissants. Then, it’s off to the seaside, or you could explore the surrounding countryside on a bicycle – you can do whatever you like here. 

Family holidays on the Atlantic coast

The other pages on our website present our villa for up to 6 people, and they also provide information on how you might want to spend your holiday in and around our pleasant holiday location. 

We would be delighted if you choose to spend the best part of the year in our holiday home, and we would like you to enjoy the park, the sea, the climate and everything else, just as much as we do. 

Yours Krebs family -