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In the winter

If you don’t want to spend your winter holiday in snow and icy winds, you will be very happy in Château d'Olonne. The strength of the sunlight and the mild climate ensure that it stays lovely and warm, even in winter.  

Leisure activities in the cooler times of the year

In principle, all of the activities that are shown on our summer page can be equally well enjoyed in the winter. In December, the temperature usually reaches up to 18° C.

Spas & wellness

If you find the temperature outside is too cold for you to go bathing at the beach, then you can seek out one of the many spas and go there to relax.  

  • Relais Thalasso & Spa
    Not far from our accommodation you will find, linked to the Hotel Mercure, the Thalasso-Spa in Les Sables d'Olonne. A wide range of treatments are offered, including sea beauty therapy and ocean sports.  
  • Thalasso Spa Marins Saint-Jean-de-Monts
    About one hour away from Les Jardins du Château d'Olonne you will find the huge Thalasso Spa near Notre-Dame-de-Monts. A variety of wellness options, several saunas and a large spa area are available for you. 

Holiday over the festive seasons

You can enjoy a quite Christmas holiday in and around our holiday resort. Spend Christmas in our generously proportioned holiday home, and celebrate New Year with your neighbours and other occupants in Château d'Olonne. You won’t be able to do any sledging with us, but there is a wide range of events and activities during the Christmas holiday season. 

shows a woman in the sauna
A visit to the spa with sauna included is a great idea!
Thalasso Spa Marins Saint-Jean-de-Monts
Pure relaxation
shows a woman by the sea at Château d'Olonne
Enjoy the fresh sea air in the winter